Music on the Patio

Experience the ultimate summer vibe at Clancy’s with our Music on the Patio series for Summer 2024! Bring your friends and family to enjoy live music, delicious food, and cold refreshments in a relaxed outdoor setting. Check out our summer 2024 lineup below!

2024 Summer Artist Lineup


Tue 6/4: Kevin Knox

Wed 6/11: Michael Hennen 

Mon 6/17: Jesse Totushek

Wed 6/19 Bob Wittman & Mark Ballard

Tue 6/25: Kevin Knox


Tue 7/9: Michael Hennen 

Mon 7/15: Jesse Totushek

Tue 7/23: Michael Hennen 

Tue 7/30: Kevin Knox


Tue 8/6: Michael Hennen 

Mon 8/12: Jesse Totushek

Wed 8/21 Bob Wittman & Mark Ballard

Wed 8/29: Kevin Knox

Summer 2024 Updates

Summer Hours

Memorial Day: Open at 4PM

Fourth of July: CLOSED

Live Music on the Patio 2024

June – August, 6PM – 8PM